Raptor XR Range Extender – DJI Mavic/Spark


  • Maximise performance
  • Concurrent dual band 2.4 & 5GHz
  • No modification to the drone itself
  • Long range extension without external boosters
  • Design does not contain any removable parts
  • Designed to suit DJI Mavic, Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Series, Spark
  • * Controller/accessories are not included

We are an Authorised Australian Stockists of the 4Hawks range of Range Extenders and accessories


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4Hawks Raptor XR Range Extender for DJI Mavic/Spark has been designed to increase your DJI Mavic/Spark flight range and provide crystal clear video quality.


Directional antenna allows for an uninterrupted drone flight, free from any interference and noises originating from other devices or networks.


Thanks to 4Hawk’ Raptor antenna performance, your screen is free from glitches that in standard equipment might result in unclear picture on your screen.
4Hawks antenna for Dji Mavic/Spark models is highly advanced, operating in both 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz frequencies. therefore DJI Mavic/Spark receives a great boost to its overall performance. This has been by enhancing signal from oblique antenna signals that ignore noise exceptionally well, as a result allows DJI Mavic/Spark drone’s to maximise there range in noisy areas. What’s more 4Hawks antenna also increases the range of DJI Mavic/Spark significantly, so the drone can reach even further than ever before.
Therefore, with 4Hawks range extender, the video quality is always glitch free, thanks to a strong, uninterrupted signal.
The concept behind the look of the antenna was to make it look like it was a part of the drone by default.

Entire construction is 100% UV protected to assure longevity of the equipment. In addition, part of the construction is made of aluminium, therefore makes the whole construction as light as possible. Mounting is made of stainless steel for rock solid stability.

Mounting the range extender is easy and doesn’t require professional assistance. The entire set is lightweight and uniform (without any loose equipment pieces).

The antenna system was designed to allow quick position change with just a single “click” to 5 different positions. This ensures that you do not lose the connection with your drone.

Looking for more information on the technology, click here
We are an Authorised Australian Stockists of the 4Hawks range of Range Extenders and accessories

Additional information

Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 32 × 19 × 7 cm


Electrical & mechanical parameters of Raptor range extender.
Electrical parameters
Port 1:   2.40 – 2.50 GHz & 5.00 – 5.80 GHz
Port 2:   2.40 – 2.50 GHz & 5.00 – 5.80 GHz
Port 1:   11 dBi  (+/- 1 dBi) & 14 dBi  (+/- 1 dBi)
Port 2:   11 dBi  (+/- 1 dBi) & 14 dBi  (+/- 1 dBi)
Port 1:   < 1.50  (max. < 2.00)
Port 2:   < 1.50  (max. < 2.00)
Port 1:   70°/40° & 40°/25°
Port 2:   70°/40° & 40°/25°
Port 1:   Vertical
Port 2:   Vertical
Port 1:   50 Ω
Port 2:   50 Ω
Mechanical parameters
Antenna:   Samsung ABS, polyurethane, aluminum, Stainless steel, Nylon, PTFE PCB
Mounting:   Stainless steel + paint
~ 520g (450g Antenna + 70g Mounting)
29.2 x 18.2 x 2.1 cm
11.50 x 7.16 x 0.83 inch
Port 1:   RP-SMA female
Port 2:   RP-SMA female
Tilt adjustment
3 tilt positions, OnClick system
Mounting type
On SMA connectors (Permanent)




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