Autel Evo Nano Combo

  • Image sensor size – 1/2″
  • Approx flight time of 28 minutes
  • 3 way obstacle avoidance
  • Range of colours available
  • 6.2 mile image transmission (approx 10km)
  • 4K camera quality
  • and weighing only 249g

We are an Authorised Australian Stockists of the Autel Robotics range of Drones and accessories


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Autel Evo Nano Combo

Autel Evo Nano Series - Make Every Moment matterAutel Evo Nano Super Sharp Ultra Smooth

Super Sharp. Ultra Smooth.

The Autel EVO Nano is equipped with a 48MP camera that can record ultra sharp 4K/30fps video. Paired with a three-axis mechanical gimbal to prevent vibration, the Nano provides everything you need to ensure your footage is smooth and stable no matter how rough the conditions.

SkyPortrait – Your Personal Paparazzi

Dynamic Track 2.1: Master Subject Tracking

Recruit your Nano to automatically follow any person, animal, or vehicle so you can focus on your activities while your Nano handles the cinematic side.

Greatness In Your Grasp

At barely half a pound, the EVO Nano weighs about as much as an orange and fits almost anywhere — from the side pocket of your hiking pack to the palm of your hand

Cinematic Shots With A Single Click

Autel Evo Nano - Cinematic Shots

Create dramatic, professional-level shots at the touch of a button with four automatic shooting modes. Add a soundtrack and filters in the Autel Sky app to make your video even more epic, allowing you to produce unforgettable results whether you’re a veteran pilot or completely new to the drone game.

MovieMaster: Quick And Easy Movies

Evo Nano Series - Movie Master

Apply your favourite templates from the Autel Sky app for quick and easy movie-making, allowing you to drastically reduce the tedious editing process so you can share your creations in minutes.

Add a splash of colour.

Life is more than one colour — and now so is your drone. Dress to impress with an elegant Arctic White. Fly under the radar cool and
confident with a sleek Deep Space Grey. Make a statement with Blazing Red. Or go boldly into the unknown with the classic Autel Orange.

And weighs only 249g

At barely half a pound, the Autel EVO Nano weighs about as much as an orange and fits almost anywhere — from the side pocket of your hiking pack to the palm of your hand.

Fly free no lags no limits

Fly farther while maintaining crisp, clear visuals with Autel SkyLink, our strongest image transmission system yet, which offers a transmission range of 6.2 miles, transmission quality of 2.7K/30FPS, and superior anti-interference capabilities, all while relaying stunning HD video.

Autel Evo Nano Plus - Fly Free no lags no limits

Snap and share in seconds

Done shooting? Simply place your smartphone close to the Nano to upload photos and videos at a speedy rate of 160Mbps using the Autel Sky app.

Sonar Sound Hear everything

Record voices and ambient sounds on the ground through the remote control’s built-in microphone, allowing you to bring your videos to life even when your drone is miles away

Autel Evo Nano Plus - snap and share

Fly safe with advanced obstacle avoidance

The EVO Nano series is the first and only aircraft series of its size to offer an advanced obstacle avoidance system — making it the obvious choice for users looking to avoid crashes and preserve the life of their aircraft. With three-way binocular vision sensors that enable the drone to perceive obstructions in front of it, behind it, and below it, the Nano+ can easily brake to avoid collisions.

Autel Evo Nano obstacle avoidance

More Battery. More Time. More Creativity.

Evo Nano Series Flight time
The EVO Nano Series can fly continuously for 28 minutes, which means plenty of time to experiment with creative
angles and dream up inventive shots.

We are an Authorised Australian Stockists of the Autel Robotics range of Drones and accessories

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Classic Orange, Blazing Red, Artic White, Deep Space Grey


EVO Nano Series Specification
Aircraft Take off weight 249g
Dimensions (including blades) Folded: 140×90×50mm
Unfolded: 264×310×50mm
Wheelbase 231mm
Max ascent speed 6m/s (sport), 4m/s (normal), 3m/s (stable)
Max descent speed 4m/s (sport), 3m/s (normal), 2m/s (stable)
Max level flight speed(no wind, near sea level) 13m/s (sport), 10m/s (normal), 5m/s (stable)
Max takeoff altitude 4000m
Max flight time (no wind) 28min
Max hovering time (no wind) 26min
Max  flight distance (no wind) 16.8km
Max wind resistance Level 5
Max tilt angle 33°(movement), 25°(normal), 25°(stable)
Max angular velocity 200°(movement), 120°(normal), 60°(stable)
Operating temperature -10°C ~ 40°C
Operating frequency 2.400-2.4835GHz,5.725-5.850GHz,5.150-5.250GHz
Transmission power (EIRP) FCC:≤30dBm
Hovering accuracy Vertical:±0.1m (when the visual positioning is active), ±0.5m (with GPS positioning); Horizontal:±0.3m (when the visual positioning is active), ±1.5m (with GPS positioning);
Gimbal Mechanical range Pitch:  -125°~35°
Roll:  -34°~33°
Yaw:  -25°~25°
Controllable range Pitch: -90°~ 0°
Stabilization 3-axis
Max control speed (pitch) 30°/s
Angular vibration range ±0.003°
Perception system Forward Accurate measurement range:0.5~16m
Effective sensing speed:<10m/s
Backward Accurate measurement range:0.5~18m
Effective sensing speed:<12m/s
Downward Accurate measurement range:0.5~20m
Visual hovering range:0.5~40m
Operating environment Forward, backward:
Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting(lux> 15)
Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting(lux> 15);
Detects diffuse reflective surfaces(>20%) (walls, trees, people, etc.)
Sensor CMOS:1/2 inch
Effective pixels:48M
Pixel size:1.6μm*1.6μm(Bin2)
Lens FOV:84°
Equivalent focal length:24mm
Aperture: /2.8
Focus range:1m ~ ∞
Focus mode: fixed focus
Shooting mode Automatic mode (P gear): EV adjustable, ISO/Shutter automatic
Manual mode (M gear): ISO/Shutter adjustable, EV not adjustable
Shutter priority (S file): Shutter/EV adjustable, ISO automatic
ISO range Video:ISO100 ~ ISO3200
Photo:ISO100 ~ ISO3200
Shutter speed Photo Mode:1/8000 ~ 8s
Other:1/8000 ~ 1/frame rates
Portrait blur Real-time image transmission portrait blur and photo portrait blur
Defog mode Support
Zoom range Digital zoom:1 ~ 16 times
Photo format JPG / DNG / JPG+DNG
Photo resolution 48MP:8000×6000(4:3)
Photo shooting mode Single shot
Burst shooing: 3/5
Auto exposure bracketing(AEB): 3/5 shots
Interval: 2s/3s/4s/5s (default)/6s/…/60s (DNG min 5s)
HDR imaging: 3840×2160
Video coding format H265/H264
Video resolution 3840×2160 p30/25/24
2720×1528 p30/25/24
1920×1080 p60/50/48/30/25/24
3840×2160 p30/25/24
2720×1528 p30/25/24
1920×1080 p60/50/48/30/25/24
Max bitrate 100Mbps
Time lapse Original image:3840*2160,JPG/DNG
Video: 4K P25
Panorama Horizontal/Vertical/Wide-angle/Spherical
Original image: 4000*3000, JPG/DNG
Supported file system Fat32、exFat
Video format MP4/MOV
WIFI transfer 20MB/s
Remote controller and image transmission Operating frequency 2.400-2.4835GHz,5.725-5.850GHz,5.150-5.250GHz
Max transmission distance (unobstructed, free of interference) FCC:10km
Operating temperature 0°C ~40°C
Transmission power (EIRP) FCC:≤30dBm
Battery capacity 3930mAh
Max battery life ~ 3.5h (when connected to a mobile phone)
~ 2.5h (when not connected to mobile phone)
Interface type Type C
Transmission system Autel SkyLink
Max transmission quality 2.7K(<1km)
Transmission bitrate 90Mbps
Transmission delay ≤200ms
Adapter Input 100-240V/50-60HZ
Output 5V⎓3A,9V⎓3A,12V⎓2.5A
Rated power 30W
Aircraft battery capacity 2250mAh
Voltage 7.7V
Max charging voltage 8.8V
Battery Type Li-Po 2S
Energy 17.32Wh
Charging temperature 5~45℃
Single battery charging time 90min
Max charging power 30W
App Mobile App Autel Sky
Mobile system required iOS 12.0 and above
Android 8.0 and above
Storage Built-in storage No
SD storage max. support 256GB(UHS-3 rating required)

In The Box

Autel Evo Nano Premium Bundle - In the Box





Aircraft How many colours does the EVO Nano series has? 4 kinds, namely Autel Orange, Arctic White, Blazing Red and Deep Space Grey.
What is the weight of the body of EVO Nano series? The weight of the aircraft is ≤249g, the weight may vary depending on the production batch, please refer to the actual. EVO Nano series is exempt from registration in some countries or regions, please check the relevant local laws and regulations.
What is the difference between EVO Nano and EVO Nano+? The only difference between the two products is the camera, and the rest of the performance is the same.
How to activate the EVO Nano series aircraft? You need to connect your mobile phone to the remote controller, then pair with the aircraft through the Autel Sky app, and follow the instructions of the Autel Sky app to complete the activation.
Does the EVO Nano series come with its own storage? The aircraft has no storage, but there is an SD card slot, which supports up to 256G storage expansion.
Is the EVO Nano series waterproof? No.
What is the maximum wind resistance of the EVO Nano series? The maximum wind resistance is level 5 (8.5~10.5m/s; 19~24mph).
What is the maximum flight speed of the EVO Nano series? The EVO Nano series are all set with three flying gears: smooth gear, normal gear, and sports gear. The maximum flight speed in steady gear is 5m/s; the maximum flight speed in normal gear is 10m/s; the speed in sports gear can reach 15m/s. Users can switch in the App according to their proficiency in flight control and the actual flight environment.
What is the maximum take-off altitude of the EVO Nano series? 4000meters (13,123ft.)
What is the maximum flying altitude of the EVO Nano series? 800meters (2,624ft.), different countries or regions have different altitude restrictions. Please pay attention to local regulations when flying.
Does the EVO Nano series have an obstacle avoidance function? Yes, the front, back and bottom of the aircraft are equipped with binocular vision perception system, so it can do three-way obstacle avoidance.
Does the EVO Nano series support one-key return? Yes, when using one key to return, please set the return altitude and always observe the surrounding environment to avoid collision during the return.
How to install the propeller correctly? 1. Make sure the aircraft is turned off.
2. Pair the propeller with the dot mark with the arm with the dot, and the propeller without the dot mark is paired with to the arm without the dot.
3. Align the propeller round holes with the motor screw holes and lock the screws tightly.
How often do the paddles need to be replaced? The paddles need to be inspected for deformation, wear, breakage and corrosion, and for loose paddle screws before flight. If these conditions exist, the blade and screws need to be replaced.
Remote Controller & Image Transmission Is the remote controller of the EVO Nano series compatible with the EVO Lite series? Yes.
Does the remote controller support HDMI output? No.
What interfaces? does the remote controller have? The Type-C port on the bottom is for charging the remote controller, and the Type-C port on the top is for connecting mobile devices.
Does the remote controller have custom buttons? A customizable function button is set in the upper left corner of the remote controller, which can be customized by Autel Sky app to set the following functions.
When you click/double click the custom button: obstacle avoidance on/off; AE lock/unlock; gimbal back to center/down; map/FPV switch.
What is the effective image transmission range of the Nano Series? In an open area that is unobstructed and free of interference, the FCC standard is 10km (6.2miles).
What is the resolution of the image transmission? The quality of real-time image transmission is affected by the surrounding environment, and the resolution can reach 2.7K/30FPS when the image transmission distance is less than 1km (0.62miles).
What are the advantages of Autel SkyLink image transmission? Autel SkyLink supports 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz/5.2GHz tri-band. Select dual band mode in Autel Sky app, and the connection band between the aircraft and the remote controller will automatically switch between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz/5.2GHz according to the interference situation. Autel SkyLink’s anti-interference performance and image transmission stability is also stronger.
How to ensure the quality of signal transmission during the flight? The remote controller antenna is built into the phone holder, please adjust the angle of the antenna according to the position of the drone, i.e. let the top plane of the phone holder face the aircraft, and make sure there is no obstruction between the remote controller and the aircraft.
How do I use the “mobile fast transfer” function? Smart phones can connect directly to the aircraft through the Wi-Fi, at this time, no remote controller is required, you can download photos and videos from the aircraft side to your smart phone at a transfer speed of up to 20MB/s through the Autel Sky App. The specific operations are as follows:
1. Make sure the aircraft is powered on and placed on the ground.
2. Run the Autel Sky App on your phone and connect to the aircraft via Wi-Fi pairing.
3. After successful connection, open the photo album, select the desired material and click the download icon to achieve high-speed file download.
– Please use the fast transfer function in an interference-free and unobstructed environment, away from routers, Bluetooth headphones and other sources of interference.
– In countries and regions where 5.8GHz band is allowed by law, the maximum download rate can be achieved in an interference-free and unobstructed environment. If the local 5.8GHz band is not allowed, the download rate will be limited when using 2.4GHz band for transmission.
Camera Does the EVO Nano series support replacement camera? No.
By what means does the EVO Nano series camera increase stability? Three-axis mechanical stabilizer gimbal (pitch, yaw, roll)
What camera sensor is used in the EVO Nano series? The EVO Nano has a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor with 48 effective megapixels; the EVO Nano+ has a 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor with 50 effective megapixels.
What is the maximum resolution of photos and videos that can be taken with the EVO Nano series? EVO Nano
Photo: 8000×6000 (4:3); 4000×3000 (4:3); 3840×2160 (16:9)
Video: 3840×2160 p30/25/24; 2720*1528 p30/25/24; 1920×1080 p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24
EVO Nano+
Photo: 8192×6144 (4:3); 4096*3072 (4:3); 3840*2160 (16:9)
Video: 3840×2160 p30/25/24; 2720*1528 p30/25/24; 1920×1080 p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24
What types of shooting formats are supported by the EVO Nano series? Photo:JPG/DNG
Does the EVO Nano series support zoom? Supports 1 – 16x digital zoom.
Does the EVO Nano series support shooting RAW format photos? Yes.
What are the photo modes of EVO Nano series? Single shot, continuous shot, AEB, timer, HDR.
Does the EVO Nano series camera support vertical shooting mode? Supports software cropping to obtain vertical screen images.
Does the EVO Nano series support one-click films? Support 4 kinds of one-click short film mode, respectively: sky punch, flutter, surround, fade away.
Does the EVO Nano series support portrait mode? Support and selectable close-up/medium/telephoto shots.
Does EVO Nano series support auto-following? Support for automatic follow-up of selected targets is available through the Autel Sky app.
Does the EVO Nano series support panoramic photography? Support horizontal / vertical / wide angle shot / spherical shot.
Does the EVO Nano series support time-lapse? Supports surround time-lapse and free time-lapse.
Battery What is the maximum battery life of EVO Nano series? About 28 minutes (windless environment).
How to charge the battery? You can use the Type-C charging cable to charge directly to the aircraft charging port and adapter, or you can use Multi-charger to charge the battery.
How long does it take to charge the battery? Each battery takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge.
How to maintain the battery? 1. do not expose the battery to temperatures below -10°C or above 40°C, which will shorten the battery life and may result in fire, explosion or other permanent damage.
2. Do not charge the battery immediately after a flight, it is recommended to wait until the battery has cooled down to room temperature before charging.
3. the ideal ambient temperature for charging the battery is 10 °C~30 °C;
4. the ideal storage temperature for the battery is 22 °C~28 °C. The battery should be stored in a waterproof and moisture-proof environment, and protected from sunlight.
5. Recharge and discharge the battery every 3 months to keep it active.
Can the battery be used in low-temperature environments? When the battery is used in a low-temperature environment, note that the battery life will be reduced. To optimize performance in the cold, it is recommended to warm the battery up to 15 °C before use.
Can the battery be carried onto a boarding airplane? The capacity of the battery is 17.32Wh and can be carried on board airplanes according to airline regulations.
APP & Firmware
How to upgrade the Autel Sky App? When the system detects a new App version, the App will automatically pop up a prompt after connecting to the flight, and users can follow the prompt to upgrade the App.
What smart phone systems does Autel Sky app support? iOS 12.0 and above
Android 8.0 and above
How to upgrade the firmware? Method 1: Download the firmware upgrade package from Autel Sky app
1. Open the remote controller and the aircraft, connect your phone to the remote controller and run the Autel Sky app.
2. When the system detects a new firmware version, Autel Sky app will automatically pop up a prompt box after connecting to the aircraft to remind you to download and install.
3. Please follow the instructions on the Autel Sky app to update the firmware, users can check the upgrade process through the app interface.
4. Please restart the flight device and remote control after the upgrade is completed. Method 2: Download the firmware upgrade package from the official website of Autel Robotics
1. Visit the official website of Autel Robotics to download the firmware upgrade package:
2. Insert the SD card into your computer and save the downloaded firmware package to the root directory of the SD card.
3. Turn on the remote controller and the aircraft, connect your phone to the remote controller and run the Autel Sky app.
4. Insert the SD card into the aircraft, the upgrade process will start automatically, users can check the upgrade process through the app interface.
5. Please restart the aircraft and remote controller after the upgrade is completed.
What will cause the upgrade to fail? a. If you turn off the device during the upgrade process, it will cause the upgrade to fail.
b. If you disconnect during the firmware package download process, the upgrade will fail.
c. Make sure the remaining power of the battery and remote control is ≥ 30% before upgrading.
Can I disconnect from the network to continue the upgrade after the firmware download is completed? Yes.


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