Asset Inspection

Reduce risk, improved safety and save time and money. The use of a drone for asset inspection has all this in mind and more. Drones provide the ideal platform to safely complete asset inspection for a wide variety of industries and individual requirements.

Working at heights, depending on the situation, may require specialised equipment and be difficult to access, be very dangerous, and may require highly trained specialised personnel to complete the inspection, making it a very costly exercise. With the use of the drone, is it safer, more information can be gathered than a standard visual inspection, and easy to access, can be viewed in real time in safety at ground level. Because of this, there is reduced costs and can be achieved in a more timely manner.

With all this in mind, Kingfisher Drone Services users two aerial platforms to achieve the desired results.

Firstly, the Yuneec Typhoon H520 commercial platform is ideally suited to asset inspection. It is a hexacopter making it very stable in a variety of conditions and has a 20MP camera for images and 4k video provides a full 360° uninterrupted view. Additionally, the Yuneec H520 can provide real time live view on a separate monitor for viewing by engineers. Another benifit of the Yuneec H520 is interchangable payloads. We use the E90 1 inch sensor, with other senors available including thermal, ideal for other applications such as law enforcement, fire fighters and solar panel inspections.

Find out more about the Yuneec Typhoon H520 platform HERE

Secondly, we use the much smaller and compact Parrot Anafi drone. Like the Yuneec H520, can provide high resolution images and video up to 4k. The Parrot Anafi features a 180° vertical tilt gimble allowing for uninterrupted images and video looking directly upwards, making it perfect for bridge inspections.

Find out more about the Parrot Anafi platform HERE

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