DJI Tello Education Classroom Pack SET 1

Explore the world of drones with the DJI Tello EDU. Perfect for education, Tello EDU is programmable and offers a fun way to learn Scratch, Python, and Swift programming languages. With an upgraded SDK 2.0, Tello EDU supports advanced commands and increased data interfaces. This drone features DJI’s flight control technology and Electronic Image Stabilization for a smooth flying experience. Capture moments with its 720P HD Transmission and 5 MP Photos, and enjoy a 13-minute flight time. Tello EDU allows you to program a swarm of drones, perform flips and acrobatic movements, and control multiple drones simultaneously through one device. With Mission Pads, you can enhance programming precision and expand your creative options. Tello EDU is not just a drone; it’s a platform to unleash your imagination and develop valuable programming skills.


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DJI Tello Education Classroom Pack SET 1

The DJI Tello Education Classroom Pack SET 1 is an all-inclusive solution for educational settings, offering everything needed to enhance learning with drones. This pack includes 6 DJI Tello Education drones, ideal for teaching programming and flight control concepts. Each drone comes with 3 RYZE Tello Part 01 Batteries, ensuring extended flight time for uninterrupted lessons. The pack also includes 6 Ryze Tello Part 09 Battery Charging Hubs, allowing simultaneous charging to keep the drones ready for use.

To ensure the safety of the drones during educational activities, this pack includes 6 PGY TECH Protective Cages for TELLO, which protect the drones from impacts and collisions. These cages are especially useful for beginners or when flying indoors. The DJI Tello Education Classroom Pack SET 1 provides a comprehensive and convenient solution for educators looking to integrate drone technology into their curriculum.

Tello EDU is a versatile and programmable drone designed for educational purposes. Learn programming languages like Scratch, Python, and Swift with ease. The upgraded SDK 2.0 offers advanced commands and more data interfaces. With DJI’s flight control technology and Electronic Image Stabilization, Tello EDU ensures a smooth and stable flight experience.

Key features include 720P HD Transmission, 5 MP Photos, and a 13-minute flight time. Precise hovering and the ability to program a swarm of drones make Tello EDU ideal for educational projects. Mission Pads add fun and versatility, offering multiple uses and enhancing programming precision.

Unlock new possibilities with the SDK Drone Swarm, allowing you to control multiple Tello EDUs simultaneously. Develop AI functions, perform aerial acrobatics, and enhance your programming skills in an engaging way. The Tello EDU is not just a drone; it’s a tool to bring creativity and imagination to life.

DJI Ryze Tello EDU Info


In the Box

Each DJI Tello EDU includes:

Ryze Tello EDU - In the box

DJI Tello Education Classroom Pack SET 1 includes:

6 x DJI Tello EDU

12 x RYZE Tello Part 01 Battery,

6 x Ryze Tello Part 09 Battery Charging Hub,

6 x PGY TECH Protective Cage for TELLO


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