Tripltek 9 Motorcycle Mount

Meet the Tripltek 9 Motorcycle Mount – a rugged companion designed exclusively for the TRIPLTEK 9. Crafted from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum with stainless steel screws, this heavy-duty mount is built for off-road adventures. Its versatile AMPS hole pattern (30x38mm) and compatibility with RAM mounts offer endless mounting possibilities. With 14 customizable through-holes, a spring system for easy release, and a convenient USB-C cable included, this mount combines innovation with durability. Enhance your riding experience, and for off-road reliability, connect with the USB-C or hardwire using a 12VDC to 9VDC USB adapter. Elevate your journey with the Tripltek 9 Motorcycle Mount – where strength meets precision.


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Tripltek 9 Motorcycle Mount

Introducing the Tripltek 9 Motorcycle Mount – an innovative design crafted exclusively for the TRIPLTEK 9, ensuring unparalleled functionality and durability.

Constructed from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and secured with stainless steel screws, this mount is engineered for heavy-duty off-road adventures. The AMPS hole pattern (30x38mm) facilitates easy fixation on a variety of brackets and rods, providing versatility for your mounting needs. Plus, its compatibility with RAM mounts expands your mounting options.

With 14 strategically placed 6-millimeter through-holes, customization is a breeze, allowing for tailor-made installations. The inclusion of a USB-C cable ensures convenient connectivity, especially during off-road excursions, where we strongly recommend utilizing the USB-C for optimal performance.

Featuring a spring system for effortless release and a thumb screw for fastening, this mount offers both ease of use and security. For enhanced safety, consider the optional safety screw and key.

For off-road and heavy-duty usage, we advise utilizing the USB-C, and we provide the flexibility to hardwire the mount to your motorcycle using a 12VDC to 9VDC USB adapter, ensuring a reliable power source throughout your journey.

Elevate your riding experience with the Tripltek 9 Motorcycle Mount – where innovation meets rugged reliability.

DOES NOT INCLUDE Tripltek Accessory Adapter Motorcycle Mount



In the box

Tablet Mount

USB-C Cable

Thumb Screw for fast release

Stainless steel screws

Extras already included:

Security Screw and Key included

Tripltek 12VCD to 9VDC adapter included

Tripltek Magnetic pin cable included

You may need :

Tripltek Accessory Adapter Motorcycle


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