DJI AIR 3 STEALTH Upgrade Propellers

Elevate your DJI Air 3 drone with our STEALTH Upgrade Propellers! Experience enhanced efficiency, extended flight times by up to 5%, reduced noise, and vibrant colors for easy spotting in the sky. Optimize your aerial adventures today!


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DJI AIR 3 STEALTH Upgrade Propellers

Discover the Ultimate Upgrade for DJI Air 3: STEALTH Propellers Optimized for Performance! Elevate your DJI Air 3 experience with our next-generation UPGRADE PROPELLERS, meticulously crafted for peak performance. Engineered to optimize efficiency, these propellers boost flight times by up to 5%, extending your aerial adventures for those picture-perfect moments. Not just about performance, our redesigned propellers offer a harmonious sound profile, reducing noise while maintaining top-notch thrust. What sets these propellers apart? Vibrant colors not only infuse style but also ensure easy spotting against the vast sky. Elevate your flights with improved efficiency, reduced noise, and enhanced visibility—all thanks to the latest upgrade propellers tailored for DJI Air 3

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Black, Red, Blue, Orange


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