PGYTech Mantispod Pro

  • 7 modes to capture every angle of your life (Extended Mode, Lowered View Mode, Elevated Tripod Mode, Mantis Mode, Mobile Vlogging Mode, Vertical Shooting Mode, Handheld Mode).
  • Mantis mode let you hang the tripod from any surface to capture every angle.
  • Instant and flexible. Handheld to tripod, portrait to landscape, dovetail cold shoe mount.
  • MantisPod Pro uses SnapLock mini reverse ball head, unlock the omni-directional ball-head to easily switch to portrait shooting mode or 360° panning.
  • The SnapLock plate is mounted in one easy step. The patented SnapLock plate is Arca-Swiss compatible and contains a tight-fitting screw to avoid it getting undone like traditional quick release plates often do.
  • The cold shoe mount on the side is compatible with lights, microphones and other accessories.
  • The built-in Mini phone holder has an Arca-Swiss mount, cold shoe mount and 1/4 screw hole for wider compatibility.
  • It’s made from lightweight yet sturdy magnesium.



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PGYTech Mantispod Pro

Multiple Modes to capture your life from every angle

Mantispod Pro Multiple modes

  • Extended Mode – Unfold one leg with 140° to capture a natural portrait composition and more.
  • Handheld Mode – Handheld mode is perfect for on-the-go shoots. The angles at which it bends allow you to go from selfie mode to tripod mode instantly, without having to adjust your camera.
  • Elevated Tripod Mode – Perfect for live-streaming, interviews, self-portraits and time-lapse photography. Just shoot and share your story.
  • Mantis Mode – The innovative Mantis Mode is able to become a stable tripod by using three different areas of support. Explore more perspectives and enjoy your creation.
  • Vertical Shooting Mode – Swiftly switch horizontal to vertical shooting mode. Perfect for TikToks or live-streaming.
  • Mobile Vlogging Mode – There’s a built-in detachable Mini phone holder in one of the legs to allow you to shoot and instantly share your images via your phone.
  • Lowered View Mode – The Lowered view tripod is able to mimic your pet’s perspective.

Step Out of Your Creation Comfort Zone

The innovative Mantis Mode lets you hang the tripod from any surface to capture every angle. It replaces cumbersome tripods and help you create interview angles, close-ups, detailed shots or any other such creative angle all on your own as if being trailed by a professional photographer.


Please ensure you use the Mantis Mode as follows:

The hanging surface is less than 90mm thick and the three legs of the tripod are setup on the supporting surface.

(We advise against using the Mantis Mode by only using one tripod leg and leaving the other legs suspended regardless of how slim the hanging surface is. Please avoid using Mantis Mode on moving objects such as vehicles, boats, etc.)

Instant and Flexible

Mantispod Pro instant and flexible

  • Tripod to handheld – Instantly switch from tripod to handheld without changing your camera’s angle.
  • Portrait to landscape – The adapter of MantisPod/ MantisPod Pro is able to rotate 360° to shoot from portrait to landscape mode.
  • Dovetail cold shoe mount – Instantly change the plate’s position. It’s easy to setup and protects your camera from falling off.
  • Patented SnapLock System – MantisPod Pro uses a patented SnapLock system to make your camera setup more efficient. We got rid of the tedious traditional knob and created a SnapLock plate that mounts in one easy step. It’s locks extra safely to make it even more secure. The patented SnapLock plate is Arca-Swiss compatible and contains a tight fitting screw to avoid it coming undone like traditional quick release plates often do.

Sturdy and Durable – Light to carry

It’s made of lightweight yet sturdy magnesium.
It is durable and only weighs about 2/3 of aluminium alloy.

Note: the three legs of the MantisPod are made from magnesium,
the other parts are made from an aluminium alloy.

Mantispod Pro Cold Shoe mount

Built-in Detachable Mini Phone Holder

There’s a built-in detachable Mini phone holder in one of the legs to allow you to shoot and instantly share your images
via your phone. It Includes cold shoe mount for accessories. The Arca-Swiss mount and 1/4 screw hole are designed to be widely compatible.

Mantispod Pro phone mount

Mantispod Pro Comfortable grip

Mantispod Pro Snaplock system



  • Product Name
  • NO.
  • Main Material

    MaintisPod: Magnesium, silicone

    SnapLock Mini Revers Ball Head: Aluminium

  • Weight
  • Height

    Length of high view tripod:230mm
    Length of lowered view tripod:140mm

  • Maximum Load
  • Length of
    Extended Mode
  • Length of
    Handheld Mode
  • Mantis Mode
    The thickness of hanging surface <=90mm
  • Modes
    1.Handheld Mode, 2.Lowered View Mode, 3.Elevated Tripod Mode, 4.Extended Mode, 5.Mobile Vlogging Mode, 6.Mantis Mode, 7.Vertical Shooting Mode,

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